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Training, Empowerment, Accountibility

The ironWILL team delivers cost-effective compliance solutions across the critical business compliance areas directly related to Human Resource Management and Transformation. With governmental penalties for non-compliance, a serious threat to business, it is essential that all companies meet their compliance obligations or face the full extent of the law.

As experts in Skills Development, Employment Equity, BBBEE, POPIA, learning and development, through the exceptional usage of consultation and blended learning models, we achieve development and transformation objectives on all levels of employment, including Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE).

As a proudly South African company, we have a national footprint and provide services throughout the country.

Above all, our business is about valuing relationships. We are committed to our stakeholders, our clients and our partners so that we can deliver ongoing value and industry leadership. Our value to clients can be described as our capacity to:

ironwill's value to clients

ironWILL provides organizations with the momentum and wisdom they need to implement successful transformation through skills development , employment equity and BBBEE.

When it comes to Compliance & Training, “One size does not fit all’’

For organisations to be competitive in the South African market, Compliance is of utmost importance. Our role is to consult, support and mentor your organisation by providing guidance, insights, coaching and training to empower your management in compliance, ensure return on investment in the workforce and build a sustainable company culture of continuous development and lifelong learning.

Our objective is to help our clients to have an integrated BBBEE approach by integrating the Skills Development, Employment Equity and BBBEE interventions, resulting in proper alignment into their strategic vision, with the objective of encouraging sustainable business growth without losing control of their company.

Our Vision

Passionately Implement Compliance with the least amount of strain on the core business of companies.

ironWILL brings this outlook to companies as they understand that the main purpose of a company is to function within it is core business.  Compliance should not be a hurdle and a headache for companies, but a smooth seamless transition.  We believe that with a combination of people, processes and technology; compliance becomes a natural implementation function inside a business unit without taking effort away from the thing companies do best – their core function.

The leadership team of ironWILL are passionate about mentoring, consultation and finding effective ways of implementing compliance by making use of technology.


ironWILL strive to provide clients with a smooth transition to ensure understanding & compliance with legislative changes.

Values Excellence

ironWILL is focussed on being excellent in everything we do. We only make use of the best consultants and technology in the compliance arena.  Our service delivery is all about being ‘ahead of the game’ and thus proactive and on any market / regulatory changes.  We strive to keep clients informed of their statuses before they ask

Business Goals & Objectives

To be the go-to people when it comes to any compliance and technology supporting compliance, in the South African Market.

ironWILL is also dedicated to job creation by employing unemployed candidates and upskilling them to assist and support the business.  The end goal of the job creation project, is to create new small enterprises that will become support partners for ironWILL.

Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy is built around a marketing initiative which empowers our staff members to become agents of our services.

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our history

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

-Marcus Garvey

April 2014
Black Swan Development Group established by Ronel Roux with a primary focus on Skills Development
JUNE 2014
BSDG won major contract for Programme Management of Learnership & Internship Programmes at Morvest Group
Oct 2014
BSDG secured contract with eDEAF for Programme Management and responsibility to adapt IT Material for learners with hearing disabilities.
Nov 2016
BSDG started its own training department with a focus to offer SDF courses to its clients.
Jan 2017
BSDG awarded contract from eLAB (Lancet) to manage 1st IT Support Internship.
Aug 2017
BSDG expands its services offerings into the Employment Equity space.
Jun 2018
BSDG invited to present keynote at the 10th Annual African Eduweek Conference.
Jun 2019
ironWILL established as new brand for BSDG with expanded portfolio of offered services.