Gauteng & Western Cape, South Africa


BBBEE – Broad Based Black economic Empowerment

The services we offer relating to support in the development and implementation of your BEE strategy can be divided into four distinct phases :


Appropriate and sustainable BEE implementation has to be based on a BEE strategy that is aligned with other business objectives. ironWILL further assist our clients to develop  Employment Equity and Skills Development Strategies which are supportive of the overall BEE strategy of the client.


BEE strategies have to be implemented by a well-informed management team that has been capacitated to effectively execute chosen action plans and record relevant activities and spending. Our Team will assist your management team in achieving this objective by means of effective consultancy and training.

Staying Informed

Directors and managers have to stay informed on changes to the regulatory framework related to BEE and the progress of the business toward stated BEE objectives. ironWILL keeps up to date with all the latest changes in this regard and ensure our client stay up to date with the guidance on how, and when to make needed changes to strategy to stay aligned.


ironWILL assist our clients in the  careful selection of a BEE verification agency and assist with the thorough preparation for BEE audits. Our aim is to ensure that our efforts and preparation for audits enhances our client’s performance during the BEE verification process.

LEADERS become great, not because of their POWER, but because of their ability to EMPOWER others.