Gauteng & Western Cape, South Africa

Value of Coaching and mentoring as a youth of South Africa

So, let me give you a short review of the impact coaching and mentoring had in my life dating back from 2017 to date.

I was blessed to had a senior manager who approached me and offered themselves to mentor me at my workplace. Having a senior manager as someone who was willing to mentor me was such an honour especially coming from a background where I didn’t have communication skills and courage.

My mentor taught me that communication is everything, this led me to improve my skills. That gave me the self-confidence in my workplace. The coaching and mentoring assisted me in my growth stages professionally and personally. My mentor pushed me to grow within my workplace.

What I have learnt is that when you are been shouted at, don’t concentrate on the noise, but listen to what the person is saying.

There is never a dumb question in life, failure to ask a question is injustice to yourself.

Having a mentor throughout my career life and in today’s environment has improved my skills in effective and various ways.